Sinbad, Michael Moloney, Meteorite Men, and more at Reality Rocks Expo

Sinbad, Michael Moloney of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Meteorite Men, and more talk to Pepper Jay at Reality Rocks Expo
Reality Rocks Expo™ is the first and only comprehensive, live fan-based happening that brings the invaluable world of avid and loyal viewers of Reality TV together in an up close and personal setting with their favorite reality, unscripted, factual, and lifestyle shows, celebrities, hosts and judges networks and producers. The ultimate Realty TV fan experience, Reality Rocks Expo is about the fans, for the fans and by the fans.

The inaugural edition of Reality Rocks Expo was held April 9-10, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Sinbad is moving back in with his ex-wife.. can this organized neat freak put up with free spirited Sinbad?
Starting over was never funnier!
It’s Just Family

Do you know a deserving family who desperately needs a home makeover? Perhaps it’s your family? If you would like to nominate your own family or another, then go to
And fill out the application and send it in, along with a video and/or pictures! The Extreme Makeover team could be coming to your neighborhood!


***The Amazing Race is consistently one of television’s
highest-rated Reality TV programs!  The Race sends 11 teams of 2, each
in an existing relationship, in a RACE around the entire earth.   The
Amazing Race has won more EMMY AWARDS than ANY other Reality Show on
Television – true QUALITY programming!

***The Amazing Race has RETURNED to CBS with the NEW Amazing Race:
Unfinished Business — CURRENTLY airing EVERY Sunday night at 8pm on
CBS nationwide.

Eleven former Teams who fell short of winning the $1 million prize
during their first Race around the globe have RETURNED for another

THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS features fan favorites from
previous seasons, including the cheerleaders, the cowboys and of
course the Goths!

This season, the multi Emmy Award-winning series is being broadcast in
HD for the first time as the Racers travel 40,000 miles through five
continents and 23 cities.  Teams began their journey around the globe
from the starting line in Palm Springs California, and then traveling
to Sydney, Australia

Kent & Vyxsin have returned to the Race…..their goal is to match or
OUTDO their performance from the previous season, and Kent is racing
to honor his Dad – William Cothron – who died unexpectedly shortly
before the new Race.

Kent & Vyxsin are EXCITED and READY —- proving lightning CAN indeed
strike twice!

Australian rock band Juke Kartel featuring front man Toby Rand (Rockstar Supernova)

Since his participation in Rockstar Supernova, front man Toby Rand has utilized the experience in part to help launch his career with his own band, Juke Kartel. he band is currently supporting their US release, Levolution along with their single, “If Only” – the video can be seen here:  In a little more than four years, the four-member band has gone from local larrikins to fast-rising stars – opening for Nickelback and sharing the stage with Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie and Ronnie Wood.  Last summer the band opened the Australian leg of Slash’s world tour and played L.A.’s own Sunset Strip Music Festival. At the start of 2011, the group headed to Sundance for multiple performances including the Fender Lounge and the Slasher Films party.


Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold co-host Science Channel’s “Meteorite Men” with Steve Arnold. Geoff Notkins new book is “Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space.”

Meteorites are among the rarest natural objects on Earth, and with “Meteorite Men,” Science Channel offers a true glimpse into the thrilling search for these alien treasures. The show has been picked up for a third season and is slated to air later this year.

“Meteorite Men” follows Notkin and Arnold – two of the world’s foremost hunters – as they chase down ancient visitors that raced through space at speeds of 30,000 miles per hour before crash landing on our planet.  Each episode is an all-encompassing hunt for outer space objects that are often billions of years old.

RESCUE INK – The Army for the Animals
You’ve never met a rescue group like Rescue Ink™ – an army of tattooed, motorcycle-riding street guys who have zero tolerance for animal abuse and neglect. They think abusers are losers, and they have no problem “educating” them about the error of their ways. Hey, they’re no angels, and they’ve made plenty of mistakes in their lives, but they’ve been given a second chance. And they think neglected and abused animals deserve one, too.

BULLRUN – Elvis Strange from Team Strange – Season 2
Bullrun is the most glamorous and high profile of the new breed of high-end luxury lifestyle automotive rallies. Each year, a hundred of the world’s finest super-cars embark on an epic eight-day rolling party across the USA – bringing together a celebrity strewn cast of characters and petrosexuals for an unforgettable adventure – where the only obligatory goals are to party, drive and enjoy!

Fueled by an impressive schedule of public and private events at the finest venues and hotels and in the most exciting cities in America, The Bullrunners make their way from one checkpoint to the next, learning their destinations daily, winding to a close each night in the party capitals of America.

YOU’RE CUT OFF! (VH1) – Jessica Koussevitzky – Season 2
Jessica Koussevitzky from You’re Cut Off tells Actors Reporter what she learned from being stripped of everything she knew and loved and living in a house with female strangers.

AVERAGE JOE (nbc) – Dennis Luciani (2003 – 2005 seasons)
Instead of attempting to make a “dream couple” between two extremely attractive people, Average Joe tried to get 16 (in the sequel, 18) ordinary men to win over the heart of a beauty queen. The men were what the producers considered to be average in appearance, with many being overweight or underweight and nerdy, or awkward in their behavior and personalities. For more information about Dennis Luciani

“Surviving the Reality Race” panel

Panel and Moderator for “Surviving the Reality Race” From Left To Right: Debbie Cloyed & Bianca Smith (The Amazing Race 7), Dr. Nat Strand & Dr. Kat Chang (The Amazing Race 17 Winners), Brook Roberts (The Amazing Race 17), Murtz Jaffer, Peih-Gee Law (Survivor China), John Fincher (Survivor Samoa), Bob Crowley (Survivor Gabon Winner). Photo Credit: Dale Porter

Open Casting calls for MAJORS & MINORS
Reality Rocks Expo included open casting calls for several reality shows, including “Majors & Minors.”

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