Producer’s Choice Honors Red Carpet & Show 2019

Producer’s Choice Honors 2019

Al Bowman’s 2019 Producer’s Choice Honors honored iconic singer Mary Wilson of The Supremes, legend guitarist Roger Fisher, formerly with Heart, humanitarian David Spicer, singer Pia Zadora, perfoming singer songwriter John Michael Ferrari, performing singer songwriter Asher Knight, performing singer songwriters Gypsy Wagyn, indie film maker and clothes designer Lily Lisa, entertainer Larry Wayne, drummer Mike Mesey, humanitarian Terri Lynn Schmidt, performing singer songwriter Duncan Faur, outstanding album songwriter Lisa Panagos, photographer Linda Cafagno, The Swansons, pop executive producer STT, singer Christy Johnson, singer Lori Hardman, family law attorney Lisa Szyc, executive producer director and writer Tom Hillery, rocker Gary Lee, and outstanding music video to Sangeeta Kaur. And, on the red carpet music producer Pepper Jay, entertainment attorney Corky Kessler, Petty Fever, The Siren, at Club Madrid, Sunset Station Casino, Henderson, Nevada.

Lifetime Achievement Male Singer/Songwriter
The Producers Choice Honors Red Carpet Press Event welcomed Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame member Roger Fisher as their opening musical act. Roger co-wrote several of Heart’s biggest songs including, Crazy On You and Barracuda. He performed guitar on their first 4 albums, which coincidentally were their best albums.

Lifetime Achievement: Female Vocal Performer
A singer, best-selling author, motivational speaker, businesswoman, former U.S. Cultural Ambassador, mother, and grandmother, the legendary Mary Wilson continues to make great strides on her inevitable journey to greatness. As an original/founding member of The Supremes, Mary achieved an unprecedented 12 #1 hits with 5 of them being consecutive from 1964-1965. Those songs are “Where Did Our Love Go”, “Baby Love”, “Come See About Me”, “Stop! In the Name of Love” and “Back in My Arms Again” according to Billboard Magazine. In 2018 Billboard celebrated their 60th anniversary with a list of “The Hot 100’s Top Artists of All Time”, where The Supremes ranked at #16 and still remain the #1 female recording group of all time. With the same passion as she did singing with the original Supremes as well as with her solo career, the world renowned performer is an advocate for social and economic challenges in the United States and abroad. Ms. Wilson uses her fame and flair to promote diversity.

Outstanding Creative Community Contribution Award
David Spicer directs his attention to the problems of economic and emotional decline of our small town communities. Businesses are being boarded up and leaving. Unsustainable revenue stream, such as mining, comes and goes. The youth are unable to make a future and livable wages in our small towns, with a lack of opportunities for businesses and jobs, there is no sustainable revenue stream of the taxable dollar. The solution is simple. Transform Southern Nevada into a recreational trails destination.

Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter
John Michael Ferrari writes emotional story-telling songs with touches of sophistication crossing several genres. He creates lyrics and music describing his life experiences and those of others. Fans enjoy John Michael’s songs and appreciate his songwriting talent and with his great song interpretation … there’s nothing like seeing John Michael Ferrari perform in person … a real showman. John’s music producer for almost 30 years, Pepper Jay, describes John’s songs as “relatable emotionally piercing lyrics with memorable unique musical hooks.” Performing singer guitarist John Michael Ferrari is joined on the Club Madrid stage by singers Carol Champney and Katie Jensen and Brad Torchin on bass and John Nowins on drums. His style ranges from touches of light-hearted bubble-gum or heart felt love. Please see sample arrangements of John Michael Ferrari’s work at John Michael Ferrari at

Outstanding Country Album: Bam
The Swansons have been a participant in our award show productions for the past 2 years. Prior to that, front man Joe Finley was a performer and active participant going back all the way to 2008 with his previous project, The Joe Finley Band. Over the years, both Joe and the Swansons have received many accolades from our organization, including their most recent Las Vegas F.A.M.E. Award in 2018 for their amazing album entitled “Country This”. Music industry icon Mike Curb, C.E.O. of Curb Records was thrilled by their performance and went so far as to tell the packed audience at Hard Rock Live on the Las Vegas Strip what he though of them.

Outstanding Producers, Composers & Arrangers
Gypsy Wagyn is an Award-Winning Powerhouse Duo. They have played over 300 shows at close to 100 different venues across the Mid-Western United States. With an ever-changing set-list and new material being written all the time; their show is never the same way twice. Austin R Drury and Robyn L Gorkiewicz were born musicians, but their music truly came together once they met. Formed in 2015 in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, they began touring in September of 2016. They self-produced their first album, “Chapter One: Book Two” in 2017. Their second and third albums, “Elements of the Unknown” and “Reflections” were released simultaneously in March of 2019. The duo landed in the spotlight at the Producers Choice Honors FAME Awards in April with a jaw-dropping original performance where they received a standing ovation from over 300 people who were in attendance. While they are currently on tour in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Montana; they will be returning to the Producers Choice Honors Press Event in November to perform and receive the award for “Best of Las Vegas: Producer, Composer & Arranger.”

The Mike Curb Outstanding Country Artist Award
Larry Wayne, originally from New York, has moved and set up shop in Las Vegas. He has an extensive career performing on both coasts. Larry Wayne is a professional vocalist trained in jazz standards, country, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, swing, opera, and Italian/American. He plays guitar and trumpet. He also writes and records his own original music. Larry Wayne’s accomplishments span across the country in such notable places as The Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center, Cipriani’s on 42nd Street, Manhattan’s Grand Hyatt, and the Resorts World Casino in New York. In Las Vegas he has performed in many of the major hotel showrooms, banquet halls, and night clubs. Larry has also opened for Don Rickles five times at the Orleans and at Golden Nugget. He has performed with legendary stars Tony Orlando, Rich Little, Tom Jones, and he performed a concert in Los Angeles with Pia Zadora while filming her reality series. Larry Wayne is professionally managed by Billy Barnes, Executive Producer at Blue Chip Entertainment LLC in Hollywood, California.

Outstanding Music Video “Ardas Bhea”
Opening her heart to humanity, award-winning New Age singer-songwriter and producer Sangeeta Kaur up to date has manifested four New Age / Classical Crossover albums, conveying her commitment to composing and recording music that uplifts, builds bridges and crosses genres. Born in California as Teresa Mai, her spiritual name – Sangeeta Kaur – was given to her by a yoga master; the name translates to “Princess of Music and Harmony,” which is fitting for this prolifically creative soprano, a heart- based leader in the modern New Age music realm.

International Humanitarian Award
The Las Vegas F.A.M.E. award recipient for this prestigious accolade, Terri Lynn Schmidt, is an award winning author and world traveler. She has traveled to many continents, including Southeast Asia, Africa, and both Central and South America. Her missions are simple: to help bring healing and God’s word to remote places that need it the most. Her work with children primarily has been her most rewarding, as she has brought joy and happiness to thousands of them all over the world. Photographs don’t lie. They tell the true story of a woman driven by a positive spiritual force to change lives through prayer and a determined women’s ministry that has a divine providence to save countless human souls in the most desolate and poverty stricken places on Planet Earth. Our organization and it’s sponsors and supporters salute her and her incredible contributions to the betterment of all humankind.

Outstanding Female Singer Songwriter Award
Christy Johnson is an up-and-coming triple threat in the film, stage, and music industries. Most notably, she has been the vocalist of the nationally touring melodic hard rock band, Dreamkiller, since 2004. Through that endeavor she toured the U.S. and Canada and has been recognized with numerous awards, including Los Angeles Music Awards National Female Vocal Performer of The Year and International Music & Entertainment Awards Rock Female Vocalist of The Year. Additionally, she has received song placement in a multitude of award winning feature films.

Outstanding Spiritual Rock Performer
From his early days in his rock music ensemble In The Midst 777, Gary Lee has been a top performer in the Southern California music scene. His best performances were during the 25 year run of the Los Angeles Music Awards Showcase Series at the Whisky A Go Go and the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. Now, he has brought a new version of I.T.M. 777 for another run at rock music success and things are looking really good for him now.

International Pop Performer Award
“Step Back” is climbing up the radio charts. Asher Knight is set to begin his American Invasion in early August. Hailing from Bradford, England, Asher now lives in London, Asher is on the cutting edge of today’s new music scene. Winding down from his UK tour with the Vamps, as well sold out support slots with Steps and All Saints, plus he was Boyzone’s main support act on their “Thank You & Good Night” tour. Asher Knight will begin another tour opening for Will Young in twenty something music halls across the UK in October. Heartthrob, Asher Knight is guaranteed to excite all of his fans. His melodic lyrics are filled with deeply inspired emotions, packing his listeners with love and hope. Asher paints pictures of romance that are way ahead of this 21-year-old singer/songwriter’s experiences.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Las Vegas Female Entertainer Pia Zadora is an actress and singer. After working as a child actress on Broadway, in regional theater, and in the film Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964), she came to national attention in 1981 when, following her starring role in the highly criticized Butterfly, she won a Golden Globe Award as New Star of the Year. When in the 1980s Zadora’s film career failed to achieve critical success, she switched her focus to music. As a singer, Zadora has released several albums featuring popular standards, often backed by a symphonic orchestra.
2019 may be Pia’s busiest year yet. In addition to her nightclub act, she has a new CD coming out.

The Angel On Earth Award
World renowned independent film maker Lily Lisa has been praised by critics in the international mass media as a perfect representation of ” the next generation of great documentary film makers “. With 3 prestigious major awards presented to her in 2018, Lily Lisa has become a popular fixture at red carpet press events in both Hollywood and Las Vegas. Lily Lisa also designs beautiful clothes!

Outstanding Creative Community Service Award
The Family Court system in Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, can be very difficult to navigate. It takes a sharp legal mind and tremendous people skills to assist plaintiffs and defendants in the legal realm. Our Producers Choice Honors F.A.M.E. Award recipient, Lisa Szyc, is the most respected attorney in this field of law, not only in Las Vegas, but nationally as well.

Outstanding Pop EP
STT (Stephentodd Tracy) is a triple threat top 40 performer–sings, writes, and produce/engineers. His original Forbidden Love is in the top 100 on the Media Base radio charts. S T T has an awesome tenor voice heard all over the world – Carnegie Hall, NYC, England, Africa, Hollywood – and of course his home town Las Vegas NV. A prodigy of musical training from very early, through performing arts school, trainings with top industry professionals, etc. he now writes, produces, records, and engineers at his studio Las Vegas Record Lab. S T T also mentors young and first time musicians at the studio and with a Success in Life and Music seminar.

Career Achievement Award in Event Photography
This award for Linda Carfagnois well deserved. She has dedicated her life to her craft as an event photographer. She covers red carpets for nearly every major film festival in the world and has been a solid contributor for news coverage of press events for decades.

Career Achievement Award: Rock Drummer
Drummer/Songwriter / Producer Michael A Meseyhas spent many years touring and playing with Rock legend Chuck Berry and as a long time Drummer for Head East. Mike was one of the few musicians to have played many Major shows at Stadiums, Arenas, also including a Live World Wide Broadcast from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena Ca. for the Voyager Project performing “Johnny B Good”. Mike is also in the current film “Beyond Voyager” performing with Chuck. Chuck Berry said of Mesey on Drums “When it’s time to Rock, You really Rock me, No I mean you really Rock me” and always introduced Mesey as his drummer. Mike also toured many years playing drums for Head East at many major events and concerts with almost every major classic rock band known. Mike has produced and performed on an exciting new version of “Johnny B Good” featuring a complete piano track by none other than Johnnie Johnson himself recorded many years before his death, as well as vocals by featured artist Michael McDonald. Mike Mesey has been touring and recording for over 40 years and is now touring with his new Band “FREEBIRD USA and his one of a kind World famous “Chopper Drumset”.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Songwriter Performer
World renowned singer songwriter Duncan Faure originally became a house hold name in South Africa as one of the lead singers and songwriters for the band Rabbitt, It was said many times, Rabbit was South Africa’s Beatles with the incredible talent amongst the band and mass hysteria that followed the band around for the 3 and a half years they we’re together. With the political pressures of South Africa immediately after the bands breakup, Duncan moved to Los Angeles.
In early November ’78 Duncan left Los Angeles and the nest of Freddy Demann ,flew to Dublin to officially join The Bay City Rollers .

In late 2018 Duncan released a new song called Very Truly Yours which has received major acclaim from L.M Radio , one of the main radio stations in South Africa, still being aired regularly. Duncan has a catalog of many new songs written and ready to take on the world and with a quote from Karl Anderson , who released Duncans ‘2010 Anthology on Global Recording Artists “Duncan Faure is one of the greatest song writers the world has ever known”

Outstanding Female Vocal Performer
Lori Hardmanstarted singing as a child in Sunday school and regular school. She stayed in music class all through her school years, entering competitions and talent shows and always loved her music teachers. Her whole family is alway there to show their support. Singing is really what excited her to go school everyday. Her family is very musical and they performed together often as kids for whomever would watch. Always making sure she listens and learn from her peers, she now play with top local artists and has a great time doing it. Music inspires her, excites her, feeds her soul….and besides, being blessed with her daughter, her family, and her health…. it’s what she is most grateful for in her life.

Outstanding Independent Motion Picture :“Project Solitude: Buried Alive”
The executive producer, director and writer for Starlight Productions, Tom Hillery’s company is devoted to production for feature films and videos for a wide range of viewers. Tom’s latest project, ” Project Solitude: Buried Alive”, is a physically challenging film made by Mr. Hillery and his crew. This thriller of a film, made in the dead of winter just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin stars Eric Roberts and it’s lead actor.

Outstanding Female Singer Songwriter Award
Christy Johnson is an up-and-coming triple threat in the film, stage, and music industries. Most notably, she has been the vocalist of the nationally touring melodic hard rock band, Dreamkiller, since 2004. Through that endeavor she toured the U.S. and Canada and has been recognized with numerous awards, including Los Angeles Music Awards National Female Vocal Performer of The Year and International Music & Entertainment Awards Rock Female Vocalist of The Year. Additionally, she has received song placement in a multitude of award winning feature films.

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