Performance Coach Pepper Jay suggests you keep your song performance Interesting

Song Performance Tip by Pepper Jay, Song Performance Coach:
Keep your song performance interesting using your Body Movement Song Performance Skills

One of the main goals of the Body Movement portion of song performance skills … to keep your performance interesting.

Key: Share all sides of your face with your audience.
A live or video taped singing performance is a visual medium. You want your audience to remain interested visually. How … you ask? Well, it’s simple. Every so often, during your song performance, give your audience a different part of you to look at. It can be as simple as turning your head a little. When you sing to audience members sitting to the right, you share the left part of your face with the audience members on the left. To the contrary, if you always sing facing forward, the audience never gets the other views of you. Keep your performance interesting.

Try this exercise. Think slightly pushing toward members of your audience different parts of your face. Not a lot, but just a little. For example, here, take my right cheek. Ok, you can have my lips. Can you handle my left eye? Not only do my thoughts translate through my face better communicating with my audience but they know, albeit unconsciously, that I am giving lots of myself to them.
Of course, it’s always fun to perform in front of several cameras at the same time to capture all sides of your performance.

And,one last thing while I’m on the topic.
There’s another reason to share different parts of your face with your audience besides just trying not to bore them to death. It is the ability to learn to communicate the song with all of you, not just your voice, but with all of you, especially your face. See you on stage!

Pepper Jay

Pepper Jay
Pepper Jay