Party Planning Secret No. 8 – Money – How to Save It and Tips on Getting Discounts

Here’s the deal – money isn’t funny, and you won’t be laughing if you spend more than you have to. Trust yourself. You can throw the Party Charlie Perfect Party.

Here are some general party planning tips:

* Consider co-hosting your party with friends or relatives. A joint party takes some coordinating, but sharing in costs can really make it worthwhile.

*Consider the number of guests carefully. The enthusiasm of throwing a party coupled with wanting to make sure you have plenty of guests can make for a longer guest list and greater expenditure than need be.

* The length of the party directly correlates with how much money you’ll spend on food, beverages, disposable ware, and any staff/labor you may need. You don’t need to have a party for six or seven hours. A typical party runs about four hours, weddings about five hours.

* Choose the day of your party wisely. Most services (including catering, venue and equipment rentals, and entertainment) usually cost more on Saturdays and during high-demand seasons. By avoiding these dates, you may be able to get better prices.

* Hold your event in the late afternoon or late evening. That way you can service cocktails and hors d’oeuvres rather than a full meal. Remember, you’ll need to indicate on your invitations that it’s a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres party so guests are aware it’s not a dinner party.

* Having an early afternoon event may include a full lunch, but you’ll save money on beverages. Alcohol consumption is significantly lower during an afternoon event versus an evening event.

* Merchants pay a fee to process a credit card transaction. Ask rental companies and service providers for a discount if you pay in cast. Always get a receipt.

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