Party Planning Secret No. 6 – Know Your Crowd – consider what your guests like

Party Planning Secret No. 6 – Know Your Crowd – consider what your guests like.
By Charlie Scola.

The key to all Five Steps is to know your crowd.
Instead of planning your party around what you like, consider what your guests like. This goes for all stages of your party, such as your theme, music, and menu.

Here are some Party Charlie tips for a successful party:

• Garlic is great, but if it’s a cocktail party and people are talking close to each other, think twice about the amount you use.

• Consider the age group of your guests. This will tell you a little bit about their eating habits. Older people tend to stay away from spicy and chewy foods, whereas younger people like trendy foods.

• For a children’s party with lots of adults in attendance, provide two menus: one for the children and one for the adults.

• Knowing your crowd will tell you if you should serve beer, wine, or possibly tropical blended drinks. Maybe it’s a martini crowd.

• If it’s a dancing crowd, make sure to provide music and an area for dancing.

• Themes are great, but a toga party would not be a great choice for an older crowd. But then again, maybe it will. That’s the point of knowing your crowd.

Take a minute and consider the crowd. It’s that simple!

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