Party Planning Secret No. 3 – Entice Your Guests with a Festive Ambiance

Continue to build your party’s energy level by creating a fun and festive ambiance.

You don’t have to spend a bundle to create a festive ambiance. Simply changing the lighting in your home will make a big difference. Soft lighting changes the mood dramatically. Pink light bulbs give the room a warm glow. Just make sure your food and beverage areas are well lit.

Continue your theme from your entrance throughout your party. Whether you choose balloons and streamers or more elaborate decorations, place them throughout the party. This lets your guests know you took the time to make it a special event.

Music is also important to get energy flowing at your party. Make sure your music is not playing at max level as your guests arrive. Allow some time for each of your guests to get acquainted and into the party spirit. Then, you can raise the volume gradually as the party progresses.

Arrange your furniture to accommodate the party. Remember, your home is set up for everyday living, not a party. Move the furniture to the garage or to the side of the rooms to create amingligh area. But, don’t spread the party out too much. Keep the space comfortable.
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