Party Planning Secret No. 13 – Creating Space for your Party

Theme – Creating Space for your Party

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Regardless of where you live, condo, apartment, house, you need to create enough space for the party.

Most homes are set up for everyday living with chairs facing tables and the tv, so start clearing out the space to make room for people to converse. If you don’t have enough empty space to store your household items, as if a friend or neighbor can store some items for your party. Usually they will help.

Use the kitchen as your buffet. Take everything off the kitchen counters, put them in a box, and put the box in your bedroom or a neighbor’s house. When the party is over, you can put all the kitchen items back on the counters. This opens up a lot of space and you can even put fabric over the counters and put flowers on the counters.

Take your lights and turn them against the wall for added atmosphere. Use pink lights to warm the space up.

Use the garage or empty space to use as a staging area or to store extra food and beverages.

You can set up drapes in the garage to make it seem as if you aren’t in a garage for added atmosphere.

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