Party Charlie Party Planning Tip #16 – Toasting Tips

Hi I’m Party Charlie, the author of Party Planning Secrets, the ultimate guide to a successful party. Today’s party planning tip is on Toasting Tips.

There are so many ways to give a toast. When we hear a toast, we usually think of a wedding, where the best man gives a short, eloquent, and wonderful speech. Or perhaps it was short, funny, and cute. A brief, cleverly crafted speech is the number one key to successful toast.

A toast should start with a welcome to your guests on behalf of you and your significant other, or whoever has a part in hosting the event. Acknowledge the important people, whether they are the elders, your immediate family, or business colleagues. Here are some guidelines for your toast:

1. It should be warm.
2. It should be funny.
3. It should be cute.
4. It should include your guests.
5. Most of all, it should be short!

For the wedding or anniversary toast by the host, include a brief, cute story how you and your wife met. For the best man’s toast, talk about how you and the groom met, or a cute story about the bride and groom. In a business toast, welcome the guest on behalf of the company.

The toast can work as a great icebreaker to welcome everyone and reiterate the purpose of the gathering.

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