Party Charlie Party Planning Tip #14 – Party Food: What to Serve

Party Planning Secret No. 14
Party Food: What to Serve
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What are the most important steps to creating energy for an outrageously exciting party and to serve your guests fun and fabulous food and beverages? The question for today’s Party Charlie tip is what to serve at your party. First, know your crowd. For example, for some groups your French shrimp appetizers may go like hotcakes but for specific religious and ethnic groups, that don’t eat shellfish, you’re going to have a hard time unloading that shrimp. Here are some general tips of what to serve at your party: <p< < p=””> </p< <>

1. Don’t repeat a main ingredient. For example, don’t serve a shrimp appetizer and a shrimp main dish. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

2. Variety counts. The longer your party the longer your guest list, the more selections of hors d’oeuvres you should offer. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

3. Balance your selection of hors d’oeuvres. Choose a variety of meat, vegetarian, seafood, cheese, etc. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

4. Hot and cold. Offer both hot and cold foods on a buffet. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

5. Mix your textures. This is particularly true with your side dishes. It’s always a good idea to offer something with a crisp topping along with something soft. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

6. Choose fun desserts. Dessert makers can provide you with something as simple as white chocolate chip cookies or as extravagant as chocolate desserts in the shape of pianos, race cars, or movie film. You can have desserts with photo-quality images printed on sugar paper. You can even rent chocolate fountains circulating melted chocolate for dipping fresh fruits and an assortment of treats! However, chocolate fountains make a chocolate mess! Don’t use fine linen under them. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

Have fun and enjoy yourself! Charlie Scola, affectionately known as Party Charlie and author of “Party Planning Secrets”, is a leading innovator in the party planning industry for over 30 years providing party planning advice, entertainment, design, staffing, rentals and more. Party Charlie’s goal is to continuously deliver the newest and most unique party entertainment and supplies available making your party a huge success.
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