No One in the Audience is a Stranger

Hi! Welcome back to Dynamic Song Performance. I’m Pepper Jay.
In this segment, we remember that there are no strangers in your audience! Believe that every audience member is your friend. Walk out onto that stage or into the recording studio prepared to greet your good friends. Your audience wants to like to you and to be entertained by your singing performance. Be real. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy your audience.

Your audience may have assembled for numerous reasons: to listen, to dance, to meet people, to appreciate, to wind down, to gear up, whatever. No matter why your audience was created, your goal remains the same: you want your audience to enjoy you, the performer, as you mutually enjoy them, your audience.
I’m Pepper Jay.
Thank you for joining me on the Actors Reporter for Dynamic Song Performance Skills.
See you on stage!