“My Early Life” by John Michael Ferrari

Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

Performing singer songwriter is interviewed by Jessica Leano for Actors Reporter.

The John Michael Ferrari Band performing the songs from “My Early Life” album as well as the single, “Sentimental Fool I Keep Dreaming,” to be released August 1, 2018.

The John Michael Ferrari Band 2018

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My Early Life, music and lyrics by John Michael Ferrari

My Early Life – Songs produced by Pepper Jay:

When Love Said Good-bye (Mastered by John Vestman)
“… I’ll look at your pictures one last time and put them with your things cause they’re no longer mine …”

Photos by John Michael Ferrari.


Why’d Momma Lie (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… Just a week ago she was seventeen Or was that ten years or more …”

John wrote Why’d Momma Lie about a beautiful gal for whom love never came even though her Mother had told her it would.

Let’s Run Away to Alaska (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… making love in the moonlight, kissing in the sun …”

Let’s Run Away to Alaska / Artwork by Brennan

John, while performing in Vegas, used “Let’s run away to Alaska we’ll tell everyone we moved to Nebraska! That pick up line didn’t work for him but the song does!

Brand New River Music by John Michael Ferrari. Lyrics by John Michael Ferrari and John Vestman. (Mastered by George Velmer)
“Today I found a brand new river, Covered miles and miles of thinking …”

Ain’t No Mistaken (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… we just play this game Like we just don’t care But in our hearts we know Our love is always there …”

Run (Mastered by John Vestman)
“… Run If you’re hurting’ inside, Run and get away …”

Screenshot from Run Video staring John Michael Ferrari and Lada Boder

Sentimental Fool (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… And when you cry, I’d hold your face and let your tears touch mine …”

Breaking Up Inside (Mastered by George Velmer)
“It’s getting to me, all of the lies, believing in things I can’t see with my eyes …”

That’s What You Do (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… that’s what you do when you’re in my arms.”

Don’t Fall Between the Daylight (Mastered by George Velmer)
“… We were once babies With little baby feet, Promises that grown-ups made They couldn’t always keep …”

Don’t Fall Between the Daylight / Photo of Katelyn Haynes by John Michael Ferrari

John wrote “Don’t Fall Between the Daylight” after a beautiful female 22 year old friend shared with him that she that was a “cutter” and showed John her stripes. She used the pain of cutting herself to help her mask the pain of life. Neither John nor Pepper Jay had heard of cutters before. Teen suicide prevention … important issue please!

Dustoff (Mastered by John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay)
“Got a bullet in my side and it hurts so bad …”


Dustoff was written by John Michael Ferrari in Viet Nam in 1966, Spec 4, 25th Infantry Division, just after he was helicopter dropped into his first fire-fight. Dustoff honors the “Dustoff,” which the Army helicopter that rescues the wounded and picks up the dead, and the medics and other brave military men who risk their lives to do so. The Dustoff organization features John Michael Ferrari and his song, Dustoff

When Love Said Good-bye sax lead by Rand Singer (Mastered by George Velmer)

JOHN MICHAEL FERRARI, Singer / Songwriter, Country / Pop

John Michael Ferrari writes emotional story-telling songs with a touch of sophistication in the standard, country, country/pop, and country/gospel genres. John writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others. The commercial structure of his songs includes memorable lyrical and musical hooks. John’s songs are produced by Pepper Jay.

John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” consists of 12 songs that John wrote years ago. One example is “Dustoff”, penned by Ferrari while serving in the United States Army in Viet Nam, is a favorite among Veterans, including the Dustoff Association.

Other songs include “Don’t Fall Between the Daylight,” about preventing teen suicide, “Brand New River,” about remember a past love, and “When Love Said Good-bye,” about moving forward.

John’s musical influences include The Wrecking Crew, Glen Campbell, and Tony Bennett.

John’s music producer for over 25 years, Pepper Jay, calls John’s music: “a unique sound with emotionally piercing lyrics.”

John is also the author of “Acting with Your Eyes” and the co-author of “Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible.”

Caricature of John Michael Ferrari by Jeff Blake / circa 1994

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