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Multiple Intelligences

Episode 1: Music Smart!
Guest: Danika Quinn

MI theory helps us all to appreciate that there is more to being smart than what shows up on an IQ test or “book smarts”.

Episode 1:

Music Smart: To think in sounds, rhythms, melodies and rhymes

A theory of multiple intelligences was introduced by Howard Garner, who provided extensive support for his proposition that there is more to intelligence than what shows up on an IQ score. Based on a unique definition of intelligence and eight criteria, he carefully describes how a broad array of evidence supports the powerful idea that the human mind possesses at least 8 distinct forms of intelligence. Dr. C Branton Shearer, a developmental psychologist who received his master’s degree at Harvard University and his Ph.D. in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at the Union Institute, received a U.S. Department of Education Innovation Grant to study the use of these multiple intelligences to enhance cognitive functioning.

Model, blackbelt, & host Solara Key was inspired by the multiple intelligences work and, in this column, she shares with you some of the basics. In this first episode: Music Smart!

What is music smart? In general, it is:
To be sensitive to pitch, rhythm, timbre and tone, to recognize, create and reproduce music by using an instrument or voice, and includes active listening and a strong connection between music and emotions.

Music smart may express itself in:
* Vocal Ability: a good voice for singing in tune and in harmony
* Instrumental Skill: skill and experience in playing a musical instrument
* Composer: makes up songs or poetry and has tunes on her mind and/or

Appreciation: actively enjoys listening to music of some kind

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