Multiple Intelligences: Body Smart with Christie Philips

Solara Speaks – Power Thoughts
 Multiple Intelligences
Episode 2: Kinesthetic, or Body, Smart!

Welcome back to Solara Speaks: Power Thoughts, inspired by Dr. C. Branton Shearer of the Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting in Ohio. Dr. Shearer’s theory is based upon the work of Howard Gardner of Harvard University.
According to Dr. Shearer, there are 8 types of Intelligence. Today, we will briefly explore one type of intelligence: kinesthetic or body intelligence, with our guest, world grappling champion and Actors Reporter Host, Christie Philips.

Dr. Shearer describes kinesthetic or body smart as:
A sense of timing, coordination for whole body movement and the use of hands for manipulating objects.

For example:
Athletics: ability to move the whole body for physical activities such as balancing, coordination and sports
Dexterity: to use the hands with dexterity and skill for detailed activities and expressive moment.
Stay brainy!

Kinesthetic: To think in movements and to use the body in skilled and complicated ways for expressive and goal directed activities.

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