Multiple Intelligences: Are you Spatial Smart?

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Solara Speaks – Power Thoughts
Multiple Intelligences

MI theory helps us all to appreciate that there is more to being smart than what shows up on an IQ test or “book smarts”.

Multiple Intelligences
Episode 4
Spatial Smart: To think in pictures and to perceive the visual world.
With special guest: Matt Mullins

Welcome back to Solara Speaks: Power Thoughts, inspired by Dr. C. Branton Shearer of the Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting in Ohio. Dr. Shearer’s theory is based upon the work of Howard Gardner of Harvard University.
Dr. Shearer describes 8 types of Intelligence. Today, we’ll explore one type called Spatial Smart or what Dr. Shearer refers to as thinking in pictures and perceiving the visual world. And, you have no idea how excited I am to share today’s discussion with our guest. He’s an actor, appearing on TV, in films, and in commercials, he’s a world champion martial artist, a martial arts trainer, and a certified sports medicine trainer. And, he’s an author, and entertainer
Matt Mullins created the Sideswipe Performance Team, which is a martial arts-based group that blends traditional martial arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do, with gymnastics and acrobatics. The team creates an extreme, high-flying display of talent, strength and stamina unlike anything else. And, Sideswipe entertains audiences across the country.

According to Dr. Shearer. Spatial intelligence is to think in 3 dimensions and to transform one’s perceptions and re-create aspects on one’s visual experience via imagination. Spatial smarts also includes working with objects effectively. For example, space awareness allows one to solve problems of spatial orientation and to move objects through space, such as driving a car or, in the case of Matt Mullins, flipping through the air with apparent ease. Spatial awareness also includes the ability to make, build, fix, or assemble objects and, interestingly enough, to create artistic designs, drawings, or paintings.
Stay brainy!

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