Multiple Intelligences – Are you self smart? Do you have intrapersonal intelligence?


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Multiple Intelligences

MI theory helps us all to appreciate that there is more to being smart than what shows up on an IQ test or “book smarts”.
Episode 7: Self Smart or Intrapersonal Intelligence

With guest: Performance coach & singer John Michael Ferrari

Are you self smart? Do you have intrapersonal intelligence?

Multiple Intelligences was inspired by Dr. C. Branton Shearer of the Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting in Ohio. Dr. Shearer’s theory is based upon the work of Howard Gardner of Harvard University. 

According to Dr. Shearer, there are 8 types of Intelligence. Today, Solara Speaks explores one type of intelligence: Self Smart or what Dr. Shearer calls, intra-personal intelligence with her guest, entertainer and song performance coach, John Michael Ferrari.
Intrapersonal intelligence is to think about and understand one’s self.

Self smart is to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses and to plan effectively to achieve personal goals. Self smart also includes reflecting on and monitoring one’s thoughts and feelings and regulating them effectively. Also in self smart intelligence, is the ability to monitor one’s self in relationships with others.
Stay brainy!

Stay brainy!

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