Movie Reviews by Sandro Monetti – A Long Way Down – “Brosnan brilliant”

A Long Way Down: “Brosnan brilliant even with a license to kill himself”
RATING: 3 out of 5.

Pierce Brosnan has been doing some of the most interesting work of his career in recent years…and gets another great role here.

Playing a TV host humiliated by a sex scandal he resolves to kill himself by jumping off a tall building.
But when he gets on the roof, he finds three other similarly damaged people with the same idea.
The four strangers strike up a conversation, talk each other down and come to form a friendship that gives them something to live for…prompting this unusual film about suicide to become a life affirming delight.

The movie, out now in Britain, sadly misses the chance for a full emotional connection by brushing over the reasons that put the foursome on the roof in the first place…a mistake which wasn’t made in the Nick Hornby novel on which it is based.

But it remains tremendously watchable thanks to terrific performances from its cast – Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, the always watchable Toni Collette, fast rising star Imogen Poots and especially former James Bond Pierce Brosnan…who is brilliant in this, proving himself equally adept with a license to kill himself as he was with 007’s license to kill.

RATING: 3 out of 5.

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