More Auditioning Tips from Little Fish in a Big Pond

More Tips on Auditioning
1.Do not get sexual during a love scene with the casting director. Even though some of them may like it, it’s not professional.
2.Do not make small talk with anyone in the room.
3.Know who you are reading for and what they’re accomplishments are.
4.Compliment the producer or director or casting director on their latest film or show.
5.Stick to script as best you can.
6.Don’t tell a casting director you have to get to another audition. they don’t care.
7.Don’t go all out dressing for a particular character unless asked to. You can give an idea by dressing “similar”.
8.Call your agent if you’re running late so they can call over to the casting office for you. If you come late, without a call, you probably won’t be seen.
9.Try not to reschedule an audition unless you really, really have to.
10.If you start out weak on a scene, simply ask if you can start over but you better be there on the next read.
11.Set yourself apart from other actors in the waiting room. Don’t speak to anyone. Stay centered.
12.Try to read the whole script when auditioning for TV or film.
13.Let casting directors know when you’re doing something. Send postcards with the time and date.
14.Read the people in the room and act accordingly.
15.Try to do something original in your audition.
16.Make sure your ‘sides’ are the same as the ones at the audition. they change quickly.