Makeup should be used as a tool to enhance natural beauty

Actor, Nina Fehren (“Resident Evil 5”) hosts this segment of “Being Beautiful,” based on the DVD “Being Beautiful Inside & Out,” actor and former super-model, Ann Marie Crouch.

Learn some of Ann Marie’s makeup hints that may provide more job opportunities and enhance our natural beauty. The smallest make up changes can make the biggest differences. Makeup should be used as a tool to enhance natural beauty.

The goal, is to look natural, not made up.

Watch make-up specialist, Malia, through a complete makeup session with actor, Carly Oates.


  1. Put a very small amount moisturizer on your face before applying makeup.
  2. Men should also use foundation makeup if needed to create a more even skin tone or to camouflage dark under-eye circles.
  3. Use a concealer to hide any darkness under the eyes. Choose a concealer at least one shade lighter than your make-up foundation.
  4. Powder takes away the shine and helps “set” makeup foundation.
  5. For your eyes, use a neutral color for the base shade which you should apply to the entire eye-lid. Add an accent color and blend well for a natural look.
  6. Apply a highlight color to the top of the eye-lid to add a subtle contrast.
  7. Fill in eyebrows lightly and add a little length to the ends.
  8. Mascara is the perfect finishing touch for the eyes.
  9. Apply a little blush and blend well.
  10. Lip-liner defines the shape of your lips and provides a barrier for runny lipstick. Pick a lipstick color that is close to the color of the liner for a natural clean look. Men, if lipstick is required for the shot, choose a color closest to the natural color of your lips.