Magical Motivational – Sailing Through Transitions with Jaime Kalman, Part 1


Empowerment coach Jaime Kalman teaches how to Sail Through Transitions. This is Part 1 of a 5 part series.
Jaime has 10 tips for sailing through transitions. In this first part, Jaime as a brand new Mom, understandings transitions. First, one of the only constant things in life is change. Nothing is permanent. So, tip number 1, when you’re going through a change, career, relationship, etc, please remember that this too shall pass. Tip number 2, is that transition is a process. The change is either your decision, or sometimes it just happens to you. But, either way, transition begins with that change. When you begin to adapt to that change, you learn ways of moving through that change. The result is growth. Change / Adapt / Grow !!

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