Magical Motivation – Laws of Attraction with life coach Jaime Kalman

Life coach Jaime Kalman shares insights on how to assess and align your goals.

How about some quick tips from Jamie? I wanted to talk to you today about a very popular topic. The Laws of attraction everyone wants to talk about the laws of attraction. The thing is that it does exist your using it in your life right now and don’t even realized it. Sometimes were are attacking things we want and don’t want. So here is a really great way wrap your brain around the law of attraction in a practical way. I like the idea of taking spiritual principles and universal law and putting it into the arena of everyday life. How do we use these ethereal topics and live with them. Here is the key we don’t attract want we want we attract what we are being.

So if you want love in your life, then in order to attract it you want to hold that same frequencies of love. Like attracts like. If you want to attract more money in your life you can’t just say I want you money. You have to step into that way of being your emotional state should be in abundance. You don’t have to give what you don’t have; give what you can. In the giving of it you will attract more into you life.

If you want to get a sense of what you are attracting in you life look at the people in your life, Look at your friends or your circle of influence. We attract what we are being, so how are you going to be today?

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