Magical Motivation – Jealousy Can Be a Tool with life coach Jaime Kalman

I have a question? Do you ever feel jealous? You hear what other people are doing and outside your like yeah that’s great. But in side your jealous? Or you’re comparing yourself to someone else. Have you ever wondered what’s that about? I know a lot of people think that they are not supposed to feel jealous like it is bad. But there is a positive intention to every negative notion that we have. Jealousy is just showing you what you want. Rein it back and realized that your jealousy is telling you you want something that they have, they are showing you what you would like to be achieving.

I like this idea that we are all one mind. You can really roll with that idea using jealously as a part of it. When other people in your life are successful that means that there is a part of you that is successful too. You can see it in them. So someone else’s success is your success too there are just showing you that it’s possible.

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