Little Fish in a Big Pond – a support guide to actors,” Should you stay in Hollywood?

So, you’ve just arrived in Hollywood to be an actor? Imagine hearing the words…Get on a bus and go home.! . As actors, we have chosen one of the most difficult careers to conquer. As rewarding as it can be … is as heartbreaking as it mostly is. Those that persevere, learn quickly that, with very few exceptions, there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. Becoming an actor is very hard work. A full time job.

Lizzie’s advice to all would-be-actors is to get on a bus and go home. But, if you’ve got to do it, if you’re determined to “make it” in Hollywood, stay tuned for our video article of “Little Fish in a Big Pond, a support guide to actors” where Lizzie Maxwell discusses the basic tools of our trade: photos, resumes, and extra clothes?

Follow your dreams!