Limiting your “bad hair days”

Limiting your “bad hair days” and keeping your hair in great shape will only benefit your career.

Your host, Nina Fehren, shares insights from “Being Beautiful Inside & Out,” by actor and model, Ann Marie Crouch. Being Beautiful is a series of podcasts that shares information from Ann Marie and her DVD, “BEING BEAUTIFUL Inside & Out.”

This podcast is about hair, another important asset in the world of acting. A simple cut or color can change an actor’s look completely.

If you are not already with an agent or manager, then Ann Marie’s advice is to wait until you have signed with one and have them help you decide what look would be best for your career. With your manager, decide what cut and/or color looks best for you, depending on the shape of your face, your age, coloring and the types of roles you will be seeking.

Here are some of Ann Marie’s simple tips for a healthy head of hair:

If you have a perm, let it grow out! Perms are a big no-no in the worlds of acting and modeling unless it is extremely natural looking. Perms damage your hair.

If you color your hair, then make sure that the color is as natural as possible. Stay away from “fad” colors that date your look unless you have the corresponding piercings and tattoos!

Coloring your hair causes damage as well; but there are moisturizers you can use to give your hair a certain amount of protection from the chemicals.

For those of you who often use a blow dryer, make sure excess water is out of your hair prior to blow drying. This way, the heat of the dryer will be directly on your hair for a shorter period of time. Use some type of protective product on your hair before blow drying. This will help to protect your hair from the heat. The products could be a mousse, gel, or a moisturizer, to name a few.

Take a day off from washing your hair. The natural oils in our scalp are a great conditioner. When Ann Marie isn’t working, she cuts way back on washing her hair. If you feel self conscious because your hair looks dirty, use that day to experiment with an up-do, braids, a ponytail or a hat or scarf

These simple tips will help us have a healthy and beautiful head of hair.

In our next Being Beautiful podcast, Ann Marie Crouch will teach us why our nails are so important to actors and models.

Stay beautiful inside and out!