Life is a Journey

Hello!?! Anyone out there? In “Hi, I’m Marta,” Marta McGonagle shares thoughts and inspiration on a variety of subjects with actors, writers, directors, or anyone pursuing a passion. Subjects that open up discussions for you to share your own inspiration stories. Stories that might inspire or just inspire all of us to think differently.

Many of Marta’s stories are from her journey as an actor. Stories such as her first kissing scene, first audition, and responding to offered roles that require nudity. Marta shares how she keeps her spirits up while pursuing a dream, finding balance in her actor’s life, and how to survive economically in Hollywood. Envy, jealously, no subject is too heavy.

In this issue of “Hi, I’m Marta,” Marta’s subject: “Life is a Journey;” the importance of sharing it with your support group. Acting is a full time job. Enjoy Marta’s running dialogue of random inspirational thoughts.

Marta hopes that her thoughts and stories will inspire you to keep dreaming. Everyone’s story is the same and different all at the same time. Share with Marta your thoughts and stories.

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