Intra-audience Bond of Appreciation

Welcome back to Dynamic Song Performance, by song performance coach, Pepper Jay.
In this segment, we explore the Importance of an Intra-Audience Bond of Appreciation

Key: It’s you and them. The moment someone becomes a “member” of an audience, no matter how large or small the venue, the potential for an invisible “audience bond” is created. This audience bond is separate and different from your bond with your audience. Instead, this is an inter-audience bond; you want your audience to bond with itself! Your ultimate goal using this performance tool is to create, transform, nurture, and strengthen that audience potential bond into reality. When successful, the resulting audience bond is palpable. The audience shares anticipation, joy, and appreciation. What a dream come true to be the center catalyst of the entire audience’s joined appreciation!

Once your audience members bond with each other, you can more successfully forge a mutual bond of appreciation with the entire audience. Whether yours is an audience of 10 or 10,000, the bond you form with your audience is real and lasting.

Your job as the entertainer is to help your audience transcend their current emotional state to something higher. People look to entertainment for different reasons but, as we all know, one of the prevalent reasons is to escape our daily anxieties and get lost, albeit for a moment, in another less-stressed world.

See you on stage!