Insights into Talent Agents

Insights into Talent Agents

In this series, talent agents share with our Actors Reporter viewers their insights including what they look for in the actors they recommend to casting directors, directors, and producers.

Part Four Insights into Talent Agents:

Exclusive Interview with Phil Brock (Studio Talent Group)

Insights into Talent Agents with Phil Brock, Part 4.1

Actress and Actors Reporter Host Maria Felipe chats one-on-one with talent agent and talent manager, Phil Brock of the Studio Talent Group. Phil Brock is also the President of the Talent Managers Association (U.S. and Canada).

Insights into Talent Agents with Phil Brock, Part 4.2

Phil Brock is a former actor and wants actors to be treated as he wanted to be treated when he was an actor. Part of the process of an actor auditioning for an agent, it should just be part of the audition process. If they are auditioning everyday, then no audition should be huge.
Be that actor that walks into the room and lights the room up. Don’t be the actor that sucks out the life of the audition room.

Part Three Insights into Talent Agents:
Exclusive Interview with Janine Jannicelli / Discoveries Talent Agency

Janine Jannicelli
Janine Jannicelli

Janine Jannicelli wishes you the best in all your endeavors and hopes you eventually hire the “right” agent for your own personal needs.  Janine asks that you keep in mind three things when looking for an agent:
1)  Don’t EVER pay a fee to an Agent to meet with you or sign you on.
2)  Don’t hire the first one you meet.  Interview with at least 3 before making your decision
3)  Make sure you “click” with them and they with you.  Nothing in this business is worse than having an agent represent you that you don’t feel good about, don’t feel important to and don’t feel like “Number 1” with.

Discoveries is a Talent Agency started in 2008 with a goal and plan to educate the public on legitimate agencies versus non-legitimate ones, properly train those looking to further their careers in acting and modeling and help aspiring actors achieve their dreams of getting into show business WITHOUT having to spend a lot of money to do it.  At Discoveries, they believe that persistence, dedication, passion and drive are the keys to making it in this business, NOT money !

Discoveries Talent Agency
11409 Dunieith Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27614
(919)  272-8389 OR
Los Angeles Office at (310) 498-3529

Note: At the present time, Discoveries Talent Agency is not accepting new talent in the Southeast, they are more than happy to refer you to legitimate agents who are legitimate in that area!  Email them at and request a list.

Trivia photo of Jenine Jannicelli as she appeared on the Jackie Gleason show:
Janine Jannicelli - Jackie Gleason Show

Part Two Insights into Talent Agents:
Exclusive Interview with Nikkolas Rey / The Alvarado Rey Agency

Insights into Talent Agents with Nikkolas Rey, Part 2.1
– (Mobile Version)

Insights into Talent Agents with Nikkolas Rey, Part 2.2
– (Mobile Version)

Nikkolas Rey, who began in the business as an actor, Nikkolas become a casting director, following in the
footsteps of Uncle Carlos and Mona Lee to become, in 2000, the new owner of the Alvarado Rey Agency.

Originally created in 1941 as The Carlos Alvarado Agency, the Alvarado Rey Agency continues its long tradition of representing talented actors from Latin America, Euope and the United States theatrically and commercially in Los Angeles.
The Alvarado Rey Agency reps clients theatrically and commercially, as well as for Voice over work, and calls Hispanic and European actors in regularly.
Theatrical Agent: The Alvarado Rey Agency
7906 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 205
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Main Number: 323.656.2277
Fax Number: 323.656.2299


Part One: Insights into Talent Agents:
Exclusive Interview with Judy Savage / The Savage Agency

Insights into Talent Agents with Judy Savage Part 1.1
– (Mobile Version)

Insights into Talent Agents with Judy Savage, Part 1.2
– (Mobile Version)

Insights into Talent Agents with Judy Savage, Part 1.3
– (Mobile Version)

The Savage Agency is recognized as one of the premiere talent agencies for kids and young adults. At any one time, the Savage Agency has numerous clients appearing in TV series, commercials, feature films and theatre.

Watch for Inside Chat with Talent Agents, Part Two, with Nikkolas Rey, theatrical agent and owner of The Alvarado Rey Agency.

The Savage Agency – 1980\’s Clients

Judy Savage
The Savage Agency - 1990's Clients
The Savage Agency – 1990\’s Clients

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