Insight Into Print Advertising

The Inside Scoop on Print Advertising. Actors, this is something you might want to look into for some extra cash!

What is print advertising? In print advertising, generally the photo is of the model and the product; the model with a car, orange juice, or maybe in a real estate development.

But, here’s the key: Although there are exceptions, the height and age of the model is less important for print ads than other types of modeling. Print ad clients look more for believability or for a “type,” like the believable grandmother or the freckled-faced kid for cereal ads. Print ads can provide work to a wide age range of people, from children to grandpas. However, the most money for print ads is made for models between 25 and 40 years old. Print ad work may not provide super model fame but many actors and models have a fine economic career or supplemental career in print modeling.

Good information. Thank you Ann Marie for this fun and informative series, Being Beautiful Inside & Out. For those of you who want your own copy of the DVD, “Being Beautiful Inside & Out.” Stay beautiful inside and out!