How to make performance look real – Part 1 – What you think shows!


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How to make your performance Look Real – Part 1

What you think about shows on your face. So Think: Think about the lyrics before you sing them. This can be easily accomplished during the introduction of the song and during an instrumental. But, with practice, it can be quickly accomplished during the briefest of instrumental pauses. When you think about the words, your face reflects those thoughts and the audience receives a “preview” of what is to come.

Many coaches refer to this as “subtext,” the underlying meaning or message of the lyric. I like to refer to it as an unspoken thought. For example, when Fantasia sang the classic “Summertime” during her winning performances on “American Idol, Season Three,” she brought to the song a sensitive subtext of the trials and tribulations of a young black female in America. As Fantasia thinks about the lyrics just prior to singing them, we can see her struggle and her pain. YouTube is a great way to view and learn from great performers.

By Song Performance Coach, Pepper Jay

See you on stage!