Hi, I’m Marta – Inspiration for Actors – Accomplishment

Marta McGonagle has come a long way since the last time she’s appeared on the show. After dipping her toes into her first directorial project, Marta has come back to share with us some motivational tips on how to go forward in accomplishing a project against all odds.

Two years ago, Marta started a project but faltered and since then has been able to build up courage to pick it up again recently. At first the little voice inside her head reinforced her doubts of directing since she’s never done it before – but Marta was empowered by her writing and her vision and was determined to see the project through in her own way.

Marta couldn’t do it alone of course; she went out and surrounded herself with positive, knowledgeable industry people that helped her along the way. As this particular learning experience draws to a close, Marta shares the value of accomplishment; to go out and “do it” rather than laying down at the end of the day thinking “I should have.” Accomplishment is fulfilling and rewarding, so go out there and if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door :]

By Marta McGonagle, the romantic comedy darling!

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