Healthy skin is important for actors and models

Skin may be one of the most important things for an actor or model to take care of in their career because it is the first thing an agent or client or audience notices.

I would guess that the majority of us need to take special care of our skin in order to prevent acne, dryness or excess wrinkling, to name a few. Even for those of you who have great skin there are a few tips here that should help.

Sun Exposure:
Too much sun exposure, especially on your face, is a big “no no”in the worlds of acting and modeling. Most skin specialists and makeup artists will tell you to be extremely careful not to get too much sun.

What we eat has a powerful affect on our skin.” Your skin loves water, which helps replenish the vitamins and moisture. Drink up!

See a skin professional at least once to determine the type of skin that you have.

A way to prevent excess breakouts and wrinkles is to use some type of scrub on your face.

Actors, keep your skin clean and makeup free as often as possible.

Stay beautiful inside and out!