Have fun while staying fit

Have fun while staying fit.

Hi! I’m Nina Fehren. Welcome to Being Beautiful Inside & Out by actor and model Ann Marie Crouch.

Yes, we’re talking about exercise!! For some people, finding the time to exercise is effortless and fun. For others, it takes a lot of effort to find the time. But exercise is always a necessary part of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Ann Marie Crouch gives some great tips on finding time during your busy schedule. Ride your bike, or walk to castings or even to the store. That way, you get some cardiovascular exercise just by doing your daily routine.

When modeling or acting full time, the shape and firmness of your body is extremely important. Think of other ways to get that added workout. If a job requires you to be away for few months, buy a bicycle when you arrive and keep up your routine of riding it to your shoot. Or join a gym for the length of time you work there. For example, certain gyms provide monthly discounted rates for models and actor.

Also consider the weekends. Get up and go to an aerobics class. Take long rides on the weekends to take in some of the sights. You’ll feel great afterwards and be ready to enjoy your day. Not will it help your outer appearance, but it also helps you spirits, because you are being responsible with your body.

After trying different things to incorporate some daily exercise, you’ll finally find a routine that is fun and effortless.

As Ann Marie says, “We move toward what we picture in our mind.”

I’m Nina Fehren. Thank you for joining me on Being Beautiful Inside & Out. In our next video article, Ann Marie teaches us about the importance of nutrition.

And remember, stay beautiful inside and out!