Gravity (2013) – Movie Review by Michael E


How scary is it being alone in the dark?
– Movie Review by Michael E

Gravity: A crew in outer space encounters a major problem that will effect them forever.

Gravity (2013) ***1/2 Stars
Runtime: 91 minutes
Rated: PG-13
Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Cuaron is vastly becoming a very effective director. From hits like “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” to “Children of Men,” he’s got Tinseltown talking about Oscar gold. His style is unique, and his eye for detail is enormous. I was amazed how visually stunning this movie was, and became a major fan.

Sandra Bullock plays Ryan Stone, a medical engineer who is on her first space mission. George Clooney plays Matt Kowalski, a veteran of many launches who is retiring from the program. On a routine day in space, the team is fixing some minor issues on their satellite when an accident causes them to be adrift in space. While struggling to survive and trying to work together, many obstacles rear their ugly heads.

Sandra Bullock stands out as Ryan, as she brings an emotional intensity that I’ve never seen. She carried the movie quite effectively. I hope the Academy doesn’t throw her performance by the waist-side. She sizzled onscreen and overshadowed Mr. Hollywood, George Clooney. I’m a fan and look forward to her next body of work. The accolades this movie is garnering is incredible and this critic came away with a huge smile on my face. With a 97% tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes, there is no room for improvement. I was happy, exhausted, and exhilarated after viewing, and I hope you will too. Stay tuned!

As for my cohorts:

“Believe the hype: Gravity is as jaw-droppingly spectacular as you’ve heard – magnificent from a technical perspective but also a marvel of controlled acting and precise tone.” Christy Lemire,

“This is one of the most stunning visual treats of the year and one of the most unforgettable thrill rides in recent memory.” Richard Roeper, Chicago-Sun Times.

“Gravity is the kind of enthralling, all-encompassing, giddy cinematic experience that surfaces once in a blue moon.” Claudia Puig, USA Today.
“Words can do little to convey the visual astonishment this space opera creates. It is a film whose impact must be experienced in 3-D on a theatrical screen to be fully understood.” Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times.

“Gravity into a thing of transcendent beauty and terror. It’s more than a movie. It’s some kind of miracle.” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

“In a little more than 90 minutes [it] rewrites the rules of cinema as we have known them.” A.O. Scott, New York Times.

Michael’s rating system:
1/2 Terrible movie (Bomb)
Not a good movie, just missed being a bomb
*1/2 Bad movie
** Boring movie
*** Good, solid movie
***1/2 Great movie, just missed being a classic
****Classic movie

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