Good Management Helps Create Image by song performance coach Pepper Jay

One of the most essential assets a professional singer must have in this industry is good representation. While a great responsibility lies on you, the performer, a good manager can be invaluable. An attentive manager will help you select your singing style and guide you through additional career image questions. How can clothes, hair-style, and your body movements help translate your looks, desires, and talents into the style of the performer you want to be?

Which subtle body movements are in harmony with the image you have chosen for yourself. How do you want your professional image to stand, walk, sit, go up or down stairs, get into and out of vehicles? How should you speak, watch, and listen in public?

Describe your “style” in 1 to 3 words. Your “style” or “image” and how you portray it is crucial to your singing career. It is how the public will refer to you. Your “style” is your professional branding. Make it easy for the public to remember you.

Which of these sample “style” words would describe the singer you want to be:
Agile, charming, composed, cool, creative, cute, edgy, friendly, entertaining, fun, romantic,
Well, you get the idea.
Answer these 3 questions about yourself:
When you are famous, how would you choose to be “branded?”
What is that one word or phrase that historians will include in your biography?
What few words pop into your head when you visualize your favorite singer?

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