Give your audience personal attention

Hi! Welcome back to Dynamic Song Performance. In this segment, we explore Personal Attention, the Key to Inter-Audience Bonding.

When you give one audience member positive & complete personal attention it can result in a gift to your entire audience. Personal attention given to an audience member is the most important audience psychology hint because it is the least understood by most schools, coaches, and teachers.

Each time you focus on one audience member and then another and another, the entire audience receives not only the attention, but also the anticipation that they may be next on your personal attention list! Even though each and every audience member may be interpreting your performance differently, consciously or unconsciously, each appreciates the attention. It’s you and them. If you connect with one audience member, you begin to connect with them all!

Your goal is to transform your audience into a mutual bond of anticipation, enjoyment, and appreciation. It’s beautiful when an audience appreciates your talents!

See you on stage!