Getting the call back from Little Fish in a Big Pond

Getting the call back

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The person who gets the call back is the person who brings a little something extra to the audition reading. The actor must also look the roll. These two

factors are important in determining who’s coming back for the producers to look at. Sometimes doing a decent reading is just not enough to mirror the call back, unless it’s maybe one or two lines and the director can work with you. It is mostly the person who molds the roll to fit himself, have learned the lines pretty much by memory and who feels comfortable enough to trust himself to do them that has one leg up on the rest of the actors. What does this mean? This means that you must be very good at analyzing a script and developing a character, this means you better have a handle on your nerves and you better have your lines pretty much memorized. You can be assured of the 20 to 100 people the casting director called in for the pre read that more experienced actors will be very prepared. Forget it when people like directors or casting directors, or acting coaches tell you you shouldn’t go in too prepared. That’s not true. Especially in Television. The casting director, director and producer are pretty much looking for a full performance. Commit to your understanding of the character. It may be just what they are looking for and it may not be, but a strong commitment is imperative. If they ask to see it differently you should be able to make the change. That comes with experience and from developing your bag of tricks to reach in at times like this. If you don’t get the call back and you feel you did the best you could, leave it at that and go on to the next audition. You probably didn’t look the part or you reminded the director of his ex spouse.

Thanks for joining us and remember follow your dreams.

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