Getting good photos don’t have to cost a fortune

Welcome back to Being Beautiful Inside & Out by actor and model Ann Marie Crouch. In this video article, Ann Marie shares with us how to submit your photos to a modeling or acting agent without spending a fortune.

Many times aspiring actors and models spend a lot of money on photo shoots to have pictures to submit to agents when seeking representation. You want to find out what each agent is looking for in photos before spending a lot on money taking them.

Here are a few hints:
1. Make sure to have your name and contact information on the back of each picture, because the cover letter that you include may get separated from the picture.

2. If you don’t have prior modeling or acting experience then snapshots are perfectly fine to submit. In this digital world, the expense is only a few color lasers. Very inexpensive, yet professional looking. If you have previous headshots or modeling, take those pictures with you to show along with snapshots to leave with the agency. Lots of pictures are unnecessary. It is quality rather then quantity. Submit pictures that represent you best. Keep it simple and sweet!

Have a friend take some shots for you in front of a neutral background that won’t take away from you.
There are four shots you want to have. The first is to look directly into the camera, try to relax this will show an agency how your face is set. Next try a close up picture with a smile to show your personality. Third, a profile, try lowering your chin or raising it. And finally a full length photo, wear something form fitting to show off your figure. And remember to relax and have fun.
For those of you who would like to spend the extra money to have professional pictures taken, Ann Marie suggests to call and ask the agent for names and numbers of photographers they would recommend. Each agent and photographer has his or her own style.
Make copies of your pictures to leave with the agent or at an audition. Keep your originals.

Good information. Stay beautiful inside and out!