Exclusive: photographer Douglas Kirkland on his private session with Marilyn Monroe

Exclusive with famed photographer Douglas Kirkland on his new book, “An Evening with Marilyn”

An Evening with Marilyn

Danika Quinn of the Actors Reporter interviews Douglas Kirkland at his Hollywood Hills home.

Douglas Kirkland has photographed everyone from Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Channel, to Angelia Jolie and the legendary Marilyn Monroe. His most recent book is entitled An Evening with Marilyn.

Douglas Kirkland has photographed numerous celebrities but everyone wants to know first about Marilyn Monroe. Douglas shares what Marilyn was really like. At the time, he was a young frightened photographer working with Marilyn for LOOK Magazine. Marilyn liked still photography better than motion pictures because she could live it in that there was no script so Marilyn could be more creative. Their evening was sexually and creatively charged.

Marilyn Monroe
by Douglas Kirkland

Douglas Kirkland talks about his first big break photographing Elizabeth Taylor, followed by his month touring with Judy Garland. Also, Coco Channel probably affected his life more than anyone else in Paris with Mademoiselle Magazine.

Elizabeth Taylor by Douglas Kirkland
Judy Garland by Douglas Kirkland
Jack Nicholson by Douglas Kirkland

Thank you Douglas Kirkland for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this exclusive interview of your life. We look forward for more to come!

An Evening with Marilyn by Douglas Kirkland, photographer, may be purchased on Amazon

Francoise and Douglas Kirkland

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