Exclusive Interview with producer Eric Marciano on his “LeRoy Neiman’s Big Band”

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Eric Marciano, President of American Montage (New York), and the director, writer, and co-producer of “LeRoy Neiman’s Big Band,” pulls from his 30 years of experience to chat about the making documentaries, and “LeRoy Neiman’s Big Band,” in particular.

“LeRoy Neiman’s Big Band” is a documentary about the painting, “The Big Band,” by LeRoy Neiman, who may be America’s most successful living artist. “The Big Band,” is the result of LeRoy Neiman’s love of jazz. LeRoy has spent over 50 years perfecting the drawing of jazz musicians and singers. For Leroy, the exposure to jazz began with the swing of the big bands. For Eric Maricano, it was the challenge of melding LeRoy’s painting with the jazz people and sounds it represents.

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