Dynamic Song Performance Tips re Vocal Microphone Techniques

Singers: Your audience wants to see your lips
Vocal Microphone Techniques
By Song Performance Coach Pepper Jay

Key: Don’t pop your consonants into the microphone.
If your microphone is too close, the audience will hear the popping noises of your consonants. Consonants are the English letters: b, c, d, f, g, h (sometimes), j, k, l, m, m, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, and z. If too much breathe passes over the microphone the vibration is heard over the speaker system. Therefore, although it is crucial to always enunciate your consonants, don’t let your consonants be distractions like little bombs going off in your microphone.

Key: No extra pre-pops here!
Prevent the pre-pop sound that occurs when you open you mouth before each lyrical phrase. Close your mouth shut. Now, open your mouth quickly. Hear the “pop” sound? That’s the pre-pop sound picked up by the microphone (and the audience or recording equipment) before each lyric if you close your mouth and open it right before your first word. You have two choices. Either keep your mouth open (preferably smiling at and connecting with your audience members) or, if you do close your mouth between lyrical phrases, open your mouth again at least 2 seconds before the lyric.

Key: Don’t hide your mouth with the mic.
The best microphone placement is when the top of your microphone is opposite the front of your chin. Not only will the audience be able to see your lips when you sing, your consonants should not be exploding. If you are one of those singers who must “eat the mic,” try to perform often at 45 degree angles to your audience so they can see your mouth once in a while.

Your audience wants to see your lips. Some audience members will read your lips as you sing. Others will simply enjoy the sensuality of watching your lips move. Your lips convey emotion. Covering your lips makes it harder for the audience to connent with your emotion. Whatever the reason, when you cover your mouth with the microphone, you deprive your audience of one of your sexiest attributes … your lips!

See you on stage!

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