Dynamic Song Performance Tip: Package yourself “the entertainer.”

Who Are You: The Product?

You, the song performer, may not be the “real” you. As a performer, you are a product, a commodity offered for sale, someone that others are willing to invest in.

Dynamic Song Performance Tip: Package yourself “the entertainer.”

Don’t confuse your “on stage persona” with the “real you.” Often, a singer who explodes with energy on a stage or DVD can be quiet and humble when not “on stage.” Singers known for sensuality in their performance many times are shy in real life.

When prospective audience members or prospective purchasers of your songs conjure up who you are … what is the product they are describing? What do you look like, sound like? What emotion do you want your fans to feel when they hear or see you?

How would you describe you, the product?

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