Developing Your Own Style


In the acting world, you not only going to need to find out who you are as an actor, but also who you are as a person. Your style includes, most importantly, your essence. Your essence is the thing that makes you special. It is your nature, your energy, your karma. Balance everything carefully to get a true picture of yourself.

Your style also includes your wardrobe, hair and makeup. For example, if you are a punk rocker type, you probably have purple or green hair, lots of pierced body parts, and you dress in dark colors, etc. fine, that’s who you are right now.

If you’re a biker, you drive a Harley, and probably wear jeans, black leather and smoke and drink. Yes, I am stereotyping, but if you want to work in the acting field, you go with what you have.

What Lizzie Maxwell is saying is that you must come to know who you are. Once you do, you have something to market and sell. How you see yourself, and how others see you is going to be an integral part to making a living in this business.

Unfortunately, many actors come out here and don’t have a clue. They think they’re leading ladies or men when they could be working character actors. They think they’re fat, when they’re not or vice versa. Get a clue. Ask people. Be open to exploration, take care of your being, and most importantly, be honest with yourself.

Remember, follow your dreams!!