Comedy in Vegas, including the floating Fryers Club

As part of the Actors Reporter Comedy in Vegas series, comic Brett Walkow* chats with some of the funniest comics around today.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club was founded by Emmy award-winning actor and comedian Brad Garrett, and is the newest home for some of the finest comedians around, both established stand-up stars to the hottest young comics in the business. Brad Garrett made an appearance on stage as he is known to do. We caught the acts and chatted with comics Mike Marino and Brett Walkow. Also, a special thank you to Tony Camancho, the club’s manager, who had great stories about when he was the talent coordinator at that location when Rodney Dangerfield had the room. Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mike Marino and Brett Walkow

Comic Brett Walkow takes us back stage of Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, and chats with comic Mike Marino.

Mike Marino and Tony Camacho

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comic Mike Marino and club manager and talent coordinator Tony Camacho.

Brett Walkow at Tropicana

George Wallace
George Wallace, often referred to as the New Mr. Las Vegas and Godfather of Comedy, provides a fresh new twist on comedy Tuesday – Saturday at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As George says, while you’re in Vegas, you can go see the Blue Man Group, or you can see the Black Man – George Wallace at the Best 10 p.m. Show in Las Vegas. George Wallace is a don’t miss show in Vegas.

Brett Walkow chats with George Wallace backstage in George’s dressing room at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, Part 1.

Big George Wallace
and Little Pepper Jay

Brett Walkow chats with George Wallace backstage in George’s dressing room at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, Part 1.
Read full story on George Wallace.

Jimmy Shubert
Jimmy Shubert

Jimmy Shubert headlines the Playboy Club at the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer and his comedy magic show Get Hammer’d at the Four Queens, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Todd Paul

Todd Paul is a comedy punch in the face at L.A. Comedy Club inside the Planet Hollywood casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dirty Jokes Show

Todd Paul is fear and laughing comedy, juggling, magic and rock ‘n’ roll at Hooters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John Padon

Sin City Comedy Show is produced by Emmy award winner comic John Padon, who mixes funny and a little but of Sexy modern burlesque at the V Theater, at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Brandt Tobler

The Fryers Club

The Fryers Club is a floating “club” where comics performing in Las Vegas get together Friday nights at midnight to chat, relax, let loose, and entertain each other. The brainchild of comic, Geechy Guy, The Fryers Club recently moved from Hooters to Joe Lowers Las Vegas Comedy Show Club in the beautiful Alexis Park Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fryers Club was brainchild of Geechy Guy

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comedians Joe Lowers, Brian McKim, and Rolan Whitt at the Fryers Club.

Wheels Parise – Photo by Ethan Miller
Tanyalee Davis

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comedians Wheels Parise, Tanyalee Davis, and Gary Weaver at the Fryers Club.

Keith Lyle

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comedians Dave Johnson, Keith Lyle, and Charlie the Cheese at the Fryers Club.

Lou Magelowitz

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comedians Matt Markman, Amy Pittle (President of Improv Vegas), and Lou Magelowitz at the Fryers Club.

JG Moore as Santa and Brett Walkow on ActorsE Chat

Comic Brett Walkow chats with comedian JG Moore and comedy promoter John Wolgemuth at the Fryers Club, Las Vegas Nevada. website

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