Championship Networking Tip – Return Every Communication within Twenty-Four Hours

Networking, as life, is about messages. Granted, sometimes extenuating circumstances will occur, and despite your best intentions you will not always succeed in getting back to everyone on as timely a basis as you had planned. Note that an extenuating circumstance is not the same thing as an excuse. A champion networker, however, strives to keep to his word at all costs. If you tell a new business acquaintance that you will contact them by tomorrow, you best strive to deliver. Remember, the messages you send are both verbal and nonverbal. If you’re not reliable from the get-go, half the battle is lost right there.

Championship Networking is written by Eric Shaw and hosted by Christie Philips.

Eric Shaw is the founder of All Cities Network, a California based business networking organization.
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And, remember, the way you do anything is the way you do everything!

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