Championship Networking Tip – Choose your Prospects

Choose Your Prospects

Going to a meeting? Attending a seminar? Enrolled in a workshop? Why not stand near the entrance and meet the right people as they enter the room.

Hi! I’m Christie Philips of the Actors Reporter. Welcome to Championship Networking by networking guru, Eric Shaw. Today, Eric reminds us that we should place ourselves in locations to better meet those in the industry who we want to meet.

Choosing your prospects is perhaps the best reason to come early to any event. It’s not to grab the best seat. It’s really to create the best business opportunities, meaning that you want to meet the right people when they walk in.

What does that mean? If you go to a networking function, for example, and you are standing by the doorway as others walk in, look at their name tags. Greet the people as they walk in, and look for the name of their company. From there, you can determine who would be best for you to network with.


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And, remember, the way we do anything is the way we do everything!

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