Championship Networking Tip – Approach Because You Have To


Approach Because You Have To

How do you catch an elephant? Go where the elephants are.

How typical is this? You phone somebody you really want to meet; he’s an upper level professional, perhaps, and he doesn’t return your call. He doesn’t know you; why should he? Sure, it’s frustrating. He doesn’t want to call me; what does he know?

On the other hand…go to a mixer or a social event and that same professional will most probably chat with you, if you make the approach. He or she would be embarrassed not to. That’s why you attend networking and social events: to meet the people you don’t normally meet. And don’t forget bars, hotels, or restrooms either. Mr. Executive and Mrs. Director are usually very different people when their guard is down.

Just be sure to prepare. Sure, it’s cliché, but you really do have but one chance to make a favorable first impression. You prepare so you won’t be shy when you have the opportunity to approach those you want to meet.

And, remember, the way we do anything is the way we do everything!

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