Championship Networking Tip – Always Wear Name Tags on the Right

Always Wear Name Tags on the Right

Hi! Welcome back to Championship Networking by Eric Shaw. I’m Christie Philips of the Actors Reporter. Today, Eric teaches us that, if you attend an event that requires name tags, always wear them on the right.

In America, when we make someone’s acquaintance for the first time, typically we shake hands. We shake on the right, and our eyes are naturally drawn to that side.

Wearing you name tag on the side of your body where you extend your arm is key during a first meeting. You will find that if you forget a name during s conversation, the location of the name tag will have become imprinted, and your eyes will unconsciously be drawn to it. Many an awkward pause could have been avoided with that little tip.

I’m Christie Philips. Join us again for Championship Networking by Eric Shaw. Remember, the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

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