Career Cues – 10 Helpful Headshot Hints


Every actor needs a headshot – it our calling card to the entertainment industry.
What makes a great headshot great?

It’s up to you and your photographer to put together the best image that will sell you as an actor, a picture that captures everything that is unique about you. 

Ten helpful hints to get our best headshots.
  by Elias Stimac

1. Have an idea of what we want before we go into the studio. Search for headshot samples & compare various styles.

2. Bring several easy clothing changes. Solid colors — avoid all black, white or stripes or patterns. 

3. Dress for your type of roles.

4. Stay away from trendy. 

5. Sexy but sophisticated. 

6. Natural smile or expression. 

7. Feel uncomfortable. 

8. Hands are a distraction. 

9. Use a makeup artist and/or hair stylist not too heavy or too wild (unless that’s your thing). 

10. Relax and have fun with the photo session. The best headshots are the ones that make us seem carefree, comfortable, and confident. 

Producer Pepper Jay reminds us to ask our photographers for a “catch light;” the little reflection of one of the photographer’s lights in our eyes. Helps bring the photo alive.