Building Your Contacts


You probably came to town with a few contacts. A friend of your aunt’s neighbor is a casting director or your doctor knows someone who knows someone.

Throughout the years Lizzie Maxwell has made quite a few contacts. She doesn’t like to put anyone on the spot so she just sends out holiday cards reminding them that she’s still alive. So, if you’re doing a play or have a T.V. show coming up, send a photo postcard.

Keep a running log of the people you meet, casting directors, producers, directors. Start by doing student projects. These people are the producers and directors of tomorrow. Keep in touch with them at least once a year (holiday cards are the easiest).

It is important to become a good person if you’re not one already. Be nice to everybody, and that includes the garbage man, the bag boy at your local store, and your bus driver. Besides the fact that these people “all” have one or two contacts for you, it’s nice to be nice, and it doesn’t take any extra effort.

A story Lizzie tells is when she went to an audition for Unsolved Mysteries. she was not in the best mood, a little PMS, and she had trouble finding a parking space. As she crossed the lot to the casting office, a young woman almost rammed into her. she was a little exasperated at this point and it showed on her face. Learn how to drive, lady, she said! After Lizzie parked the car, that same young woman showed up at the same office. Meet the producer of Unsolved Mysteries!

Be nice to everybody unless they really get on your nerves.

Remember, follow your dreams!!