Build the Song – Take your audience on a journey

Build the Song

Key: Take your audience on a journey.
Just as a story leads a reader on a journey from beginning to middle to end, your song should escort your audience on a similar journey. Each portion of your song must guide your audience to a higher or different level than the previous portion. First, the song’s instrumental beginning or lead-in, no matter how show or long, should “introduce” the song’s essence and give the audience a sample of your mood, a titillation of what is to follow. Start small and subtle so you have somewhere to build. Give your audience just a little bit more of something as each verse and bridge is performed.

When building the performance of your song, be aware of your song’s “hook.” The “hook” is that one line of lyric and music designed to “catch” the listener’s ear, keep the listener’s interest during the song, and leave the listener with the “hook” to remember.

How, exactly, you build your song will depend largely on how you are packaging yourself as an entertainer. Whichever the direction, take your audience on an emotion journey of your song … entertain them!

See you on stage!