Breathe – leave your anxiety outside the audition door


Most of us have to work a few ‘other’ jobs for a living. So getting to an audition can sometimes be a fiasco. Finding someone to cover your shift, car trouble, changing into the right look for the part you’re going out for, etc. all of these can cause anxiety and you don’t want to bring that with you to an audition. Leave your anxiety outside the door.

Having a good audition is something one prepares for. First, know the material. You have spent a lot of time becoming the character written in the scene you are about to perform. This is not a cold reading. You are on the spot. Twenty other actors are going to be reading for this the same role. Who is going to get it? Sometimes it’s going to be the person who looks the role most, but more often than not, that actor who brings the scene a complete and interesting character, and stays in it for the duration will walk away the winner. Even if it’s one line, you make sure that you can bring something fresh into that audition room. If you do not know how to do this, you need more training. Training allows you to develop a bag of tricks that you can reach into and pull out when necessary.

Second, breathe. Here are some things you might do on the way to an audition. Play soothing music or music that makes your insides move. Rev up your voice. Do the scales, or sing your favorite song as loud as possible. Smile at all of the other drivers around you as you talk to yourself. Here’s what you’re saying: “I am the best. I am this character. I love this character. They are going to love me.” Or, you can say things such as, “They are my family. They are good people. They love me. They have no clothes on. They are naked. They have no power.” Anything to keep you smiling and breathing and calm.

Okay, now take a deep breath. Let it out. NO, you can do better than that. Take a BIG breath. Let it out. Good. Now, if you are all alone, or inside a car where no one can hear you, scream out any nervousness you may still have. Yes, scream. It really does shake the nerves off if you have them. You do not want to appear nervous. You are not nervous. Not if you believe what you just said and you do! You should walk into audition calm and relaxed. You’re in. And remember, you’re never auditioning for the part, you’re auditioning to introduce yourself or to re-introduce yourself to the casting director. Just remember to breathe!